With 2016 about to be a year of the past, I find that even in the high tech savvy world we live in, people enjoy receiving Holiday cards.
You know,  the good old fashioned come by way of snail-mail cards!
No one sends snail mail any more…except during the Holiday’s.
In fact many households have a standard place they place, pin, hang, tape these cards in their homes every year.
I think this is why they are are still treasured and anticipated…they are almost like a ‘paper gem’ we subliminally anticipate every December!

I thought I would share a few of my favorite I have found online and some of my own.
And its not too late (well almost) to buy some cards and send to your friends and family.
I promise they will LOVE it and Cherish it more then you may think!

Amazing!  its memorable and is probably a winner for table center pieces for most receivers of this gorgeous card!

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Very Cool, unexpected Christmas Card…Totally stand out as one of my fave

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Super Cool family and their Shelby 350 GT.  Gotta Love it!


World Peace and Children of all cultures….what’s not to love about this card?!

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Puppy and Kittens?!  Need I say more?

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